Our Mission Statement

Main objectives:


Wired - Connect Your Senses is aimed at providing valuable and progressive music sessions specifically for people who have additional needs. This is not inclusive or exhaustive. The sessions can be tailored to an individual and/or a group depending on their needs. For example, it would not be appropriate to expect non-verbal communicators to benefit from a singing session as much as they would from a percussion session. The sessions can be booked as one off one hour workshops or as a block.


As well as the sessions Wired also facilitates discos for people to socialise in a safe environment. The events aim to give a sensory experience with appropriate lighting (i.e not strobe lighting) and live music as many don’t often get the chance to enjoy this. 


Percussion sessions entail learning musical terms such as tempo and dynamics, as well as developing listening and performance techniques. The service users will try different percussion instruments and rhythms and, if they feel confident enough, perform solo. Their input is always valuable and, as far as possible, helps to shape the session.


Singing sessions are structured in a way that will give the individual confidence in their singing and performance ability. New, unfamiliar songs are introduced together with well-known songs. Again musical techniques will be taught, often without the service users even knowing it!


Long term goals:


In the long term the team at Wired would like to have a facility which could be adapted to suit all needs to enable people with additional needs to enjoy music and have their senses engaged.

You can make a much appreciated donation to Wired CYS by clicking on this link:



Directors: Justine Young

                Michelle Young


DBS clearances available for viewing


For enquiries please contact:


07872904877 / 07484223710



Where does your money go?


Your kind donation will go towards organising future events and aquiring more equipment as necessary to continue to provide people with additional needs with a high standard service.

Wired CYS

Special thanks to Nick Tipping, Photographer

Please note that photo's, film and recording will only be published with permission.

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