Our percussion and singing workshops provide an opportunity for individuals to really let loose and make some music! We use percussion instruments, including snare drums, toms, symbols, tambourines, bells and agogo's to work on different rhythms using a 1,2,3,4 count. We introduce skills such as listening, call and response, timing and volume control.


There are a variety of songs that require these same skills, and for those that want to there is the opportunity to have your work recorded as a momento.


We have light up drum sticks and finger lasers for a 'ten minute takeover' - a sensory based exercise to really get a feel for your instrument, and our game of spin the stick gives you the opportunity to lead a drum rhythm.

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  •  Choose what songs you want to record and learn them

  •  You can either record your songs to backing tracks or sing to live music – or why not try both?!

  •  Record your own CD just like a pro! You will also have the chance to design your own CD cover!


Please listen to an example of what you could do! The young man who recorded his version of 'Call on me' used his communication tool to make it unique to him, he was very proud of his work!

Our groups also enjoy the opportunity to record their work as a special memento.

Neil has spent time recording an album of cover songs. He was able to use our 8 track Tascam digital recorder. It took him about an hour to do each song as he wanted it to sound amazing!!!

Fin took time recording with his communication tool, drums, bells and singing along to Pavarotti. He did all of this in the comfort of his own home!


Recording sessions to be arranged by booking – call 07872904877 / 07484223710 or email wiredconnectyoursenses@outlook.com

A one-hour, one-to-one recording session = £15.

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